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Salvatore Ferragamo manages and develops its human capital by integrating and respecting diversity. Employee relationships are based on the protection of personal rights and liberties as well as on fundamental principles preventing any discrimination. Understanding and respecting creativity, innovation and world-class craftsmanship translates into ethically correct behaviors, promoting a fair relationship with all stakeholders and supporting the Company in terms of economic growth and credibility. 
The ethical and behavioral principles are set out in the Code of Ethics of the Salvatore Ferragamo Group, as updated in 2016. Loyalty and fairness have always been key values in the corporate ethic of the entire Group. For this reason, in 2017, an Anti-Corruption Policy was adopted internally, with the goal to contrast every corruptive phenomenon independently from the context and the format.
Consistent with the provisions of its Code of Ethics, and within a framework of integration of social responsibility in daily business operations, in 2019 the Salvatore Ferragamo Group has decided to adopt a Supplier Code of Conduct, which sets forth the ethical principles and rules of conduct that, along with the legal, regulatory and procedural norms, must characterize the commercial relations between the Group and its partners.
To formalise its commitment to animal welfare, the Group has decided to draw up an Animal Welfare Policy in order to ensure that the entire supply chain adopts appropriate standards of behaviour in connection with animal welfare. The Salvatore Ferragamo Group has always paid particular attention to the social, environmental and economic effects of its activities and believes that collaboration with the supply chain is essential for achieving the highest ethical standards and the sustainable development of the business. In this context, the responsible procurement of animal-derived materials, which are used in production processes, for each product category, assumes particular importance. The Group believes that the approach taken on the issue of animal welfare along the supply chain is essential, in the awareness that products can only be enhanced through respect for the environment and biodiversity.
In 2019, an Inclusion Policy was also adopted for the promotion and protection of the values of inclusion to be applied in the performance of all company activities, both in internal relations and in the ones with third parties.
The Group has also implemented a whistleblowing system, i.e. a specific, confidential channel for reporting any potential situation of non-compliance with the Code of Ethics.